October 22, 2020

Ultimate Drive

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Freeflow exhausts. Noisy nuisance or viable alternative?

Talk about Freeflow exhausts might conjure up visions of souped-up Golfs making a racket in the main street on a Sunday night, but when we decided to investigate replacement exhausts, it was the Freeflow products in particular that stood out as a viable, affordable and not necessarily noisy alternative.

As a regular advertiser in Ultimate Drive, it was a natural thing for us to turn to Carl Kritzinger, part owner of Powerflow Bellville, to get the facts about replacement exhausts. Surprisingly there are numerous advantages to getting a Freeflow exhaust once your OEM exhaust needs replacement.

– More Power, Less Fuel. This statement needs no motivation. If your car can perform better and use less fuel to boot, it’s a win-win situation. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, a freeflow exhaust will increase the performance of the vehicle through the more efficient flow of exhaust gases through the system. A vehicle that runs more efficiently, uses less fuel, and depending on your vehicle’s make and model, the fuel saving can be quite significant in the long run. Up to 10% fuel efficiency can be experienced.

– Made to fit your requirements. A well equipped and established dealership can cope with the most unusual requests and can fabricate silencers and exhaust systems to fit any vehicle you may own, regardless of its uniqueness. Whether it is rear silencer replacement, complete new system or tone enhancement. Powerflow Bellville even builds systems for supercars like Lamborghini, as well as for Classic cars (be on the lookout for an article on one of these projects soon!).

– Locally Made. Supporting local is always a good idea, and as it happens this is where the Powerflow brand shines. The Powerflow Exhausts are manufactured in its own custom factory in Jacobs, Durban, KZN producing silencers to international standards for both the local and international market.

– Guaranteed Product. Powerflow exhausts and tail pieces are available nationwide through a network of 26 approved Powerflow Dealers. All Powerflow silencers carry a 5 year national guarantee. This means that whether you are in Cape Town, Durban or Gauteng you can take your vehicle into any Powerflow fitment centre with your invoice for your guarantee.

It’s not often that you come across something where the replacement product is more beneficial than the original fitment. While you have to consider your own vehicle’s guarantee and service plan, and how an after-market product can affect that, most vehicle’s wont need a replacement exhaust until after their guarantee periods have expired. Not only will a freeflow exhaust be beneficial to your car’s power delivery and consumption figures, these exhausts (with 5 Year guarantee) tend to be cheaper than the originals too. Now how can you argue with that?

Article: Johann van Tonder