June 26, 2022

Ultimate Drive

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Triumph Trident 660 – First ride

Triumph motorcycles have a special place in my heart. I still have this vision of riding around the country with a Bonneville with some clapped out saddlebags and just go where the wind takes me. Triumph not only has their retro Bonneville range, but also some modern bikes like the Street Triple and Speed Triple. But now they came up with something brand new. An entry-level bike with all the heritage of Triumph behind it: the Triumph Trident 660.

When I saw the bike for the first time, I was surprised at how small it looked. Compact is probably a better word to use. It looks extremely sporty though. The whole tail section looks like it is floating, as Triumph has moved the indicators and number plate to a hugger over the rear wheel. The brake light has been neatly integrated into the pointy tail. The build quality of the Trident is sublime and because it is a naked bike, Triumph could not cut corners on any component.

The engine punches out a modest 80 horsepower, but the soundtrack that accompanies those horses is a pure delight. There is just something unique about the sound a triple makes. Rivals in this segment normally have a two cylinder engine and the first thing their riders do is to change the exhaust. The Trident has a delightfully stubby exhaust that not only looks good, but also does not leave you wanting more.

This bike is made to be a nippy commuter if the short gearing is anything to go by. To that end, Bruce Allen from Triumph took us to the centre of Johannesburg so that we could get a feel for the bike. We went looking for graffiti and some good coffee. Having successfully negotiated the city traffic, we stopped for some lunch. Here Allen pointed out that the Trident is turning out to be quite a hit. Not only is it attracting younger and new riders, but also people who have been off bikes for many years and are now re-entering the market.

I cannot think of a better bike to do just that. The Trident is an extremely easy and unintimidating bike to ride. Even the dash is simplicity itself. You can connect it to your phone as well, and that can in turn, give you turn by turn navigation on the screen. This is one of those bikes that you want to get on and ride, just for riding’s sake. Triumph also offers an entire catalogue of aftermarket parts you can fit to the bike to make it uniquely yours.

With a sticker price of only R150 000, this bike can introduce you the thrill of motorcycling or reintroduce to the rush you have been missing for so long!